Hi, I’m Akash. I help turn business ideas into delightful products, fast and profitably.
Long meetings and ever-changing project goals drain the time, money and motivation of product teams who want to solve a real problem for their customer.
I am a Sydney-based product design consultant, most recently having worked as a UX Designer in the growth wings of Scentre Group and Deputy. I want to help socially and environmentally innovative ideas solve problems for their target market fast and at minimum cost.
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I create the right balance between business metrics and user delight.

01 Structure brings focus to brainstorms

I shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a 5-day process that's flexible and repeatable.

02 Customer = business

I focus on finding out why your customer loves your product as that is key to a profitable business.

03 Solve as a team

I love involving the team along the way. I know developers don't talk about it much but they love seeing someone outside their office using their product. The same goes for everyone in the business including me.

Recent work
Avoid months of busy work. Rapidly validate your business ideas with real customers.

Don't waste months on building a product that might work, contact me if you would like to see how your idea will be profitable with real customers.

Talk to Akash
I'm a product design consultant looking to solve product problems

A Design Sprint process by AJ&Smart to ensure success while still respecting everybody's time.

What is a Design sprint?

Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort, or if your value proposition is really valid.

It compresses potentially months of work into 3-4 weeks. Inspired by AJ&Smart, I facilitate a 4-day sprint which is pre-empted with research and finished up with a shorter iteration sprint and a wrap up week.

What you get by the end

The output and outcome of every Design Sprint is a high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users, and with clear insights on where to go next. This is not a “wireframe” or a “paper prototype”, it looks and feels like a real product.

PS: I have been lucky to work with amazing UI and graphic designers available to help if your team currently doesn't consist of UI designers who can realise the prototype.

A validated prototype with clear next steps

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